This is a draft of a page where I’m going to upload various bits and pieces related to my research. Computer code, extra details of calculations, and anything else I think might be useful to someone trying to reproduce my work. If you find any problems, typos, improvements or errors, drop me an e-mail.

Links will be provided to the various resources, some of which will be hosted on external sites (e.g. Github) so that if anything happens to this site, those resources will still be out there somewhere. Most of my computer code is written in Python, with computationally-intensive tasks compiled into C via Cython. I do most of my data analysis and figure-making with Mathematica, though I’m pivoting over to using matplotlib at the moment, so the analysis documents are in a variety of formats.

Currently available code


  • Code: flow equation method for MBL
  • Code: non-equilibrium dynamics of the quantum $p$-spin model
  • Code: quench dynamics of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
  • Notes: Flow Equations for Interacting Spinless Fermions
  • Notes: Flow Equations for Non-interacting Fermions
  • Notes: dynamical equations for the quantum $p$-spin model